Datum: 29 april 2021
Uur: 13:30 - 16:30
Prijs: 100 euro
Lesgever: Mathias Verbeke
Thema: Digital Services
Aangeboden door: Sirris


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Seminarie 'Fleet-based analytics for data-driven operation and maintenance optimisation'

After four successful editions, the EluciDATA Lab of Sirris is organising a fifth edition of its seminar on fleet-based analytics. The seminar focuses on the opportunities and challenges of optimising the operation and maintenance of a fleet of machines by means of data analytics and AI. Every year, it provides the participants with an overview of the current status in this domain, via keynote presentations by lead companies and state-of-the-art research results illustrated with industrial use cases in different sectors.

While many companies that operate a fleet of machines continuously monitor its operation, only few fully exploit the enormous amount of collected data to its full potential. Usually this data is merely used for operational dashboarding or by maintenance and service personnel for reactive maintenance. Some lead user companies have recently shifted to intelligently exploit this data for proactive maintenance, but even in these cases the analysis is typically performed at individual machine level. This leaves a huge potential of untapped exploitation opportunities at fleet level.

By comparing the behaviour of a single machine with respect to the fleet in which it is operating, more detailed and more accurate knowledge can be extracted. This offers several new possibilities to improve the operations or optimise the maintenance, including:

  • identifying malfunctioning or underperforming assets

  • dealing with lost data connections and missing data

  • benchmarking assets against one another

  • identifying remaining useful life of assets

  • modelling new assets that lack historical data

In each case, the fleet context provides additional insights that can help you to improve the operational efficiency of your assets.

This seminar will give you an update of the current state of the art in this domain, through keynote presentations by lead companies and research results illustrated by means of industrial use cases in different sectors.


  • Introduction & setting the context: the opportunities and challenges of fleet-based analytics

  • Industrial keynote by a lead user company

  • State-of-the-art overview illustrated by industrial use cases in diverse application domains, including:

    • Data-driven fleet-wide benchmarking of industrial assets

    • Recommending settings for the auto-configuration of industrial assets

    • Efficient data-driven modelling of a collection of assets through prototypical models

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